Martani Mountains

The massif of the Martani Mmountains is found in the centre of the Umbrian region and extends in a regular course from South to North for about 45 kilometres, between the provinces of Terni and Perugia. It borders to the East with the Valle Umbra and the Valle del Serra; to the West with the Tiber valley and that of the southern stretch of the Naia; and to the south with the Terni basin and the Nera river.

The Terni side of the mountain is amongst the most interesting. There is a choice of excursions and historical, archaeological and nature itineraries. Amongst the first is the route beginning in Cesi, 9 kilometres above Terni, through the medieval villages of Portaria, Macerino and Scoppio and the Franciscan cavern of the Hermit, in the ancient Terre Arnolfe. Or, always starting from Terni, towards the Valserra and the villages of Rocca San Zenone, Poggio Lavarino and Giuncano.

Amongst the archaeological itineraries there’s the one that starts from the Umbrian-Roman town of Carsulae andthat goes up mount Torre maggiore where, at 1,120 metres above sea level, you find the remains of two large Italic temples of the 5th century B.C. There are also trekking itineraries in the area.


To visit in the environs

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