The ancient Via Flaminia

Via Flaminia

This promotion and enhancement project was generated with the idea to incentivize the development of the Umbrian territory between the municipalities of Otricoli, Narni and Terni.

A project that aims to promote tourism in the area and to propose, effectively and enticingly the treasures of archaeological, historic, cultural, traditional, environmental and eno-gastronomic nature, an area which is probably off the beaten track but with a wealth of attractions. 

Today, of the ancient Via Flaminia there remain considerable archaeological traces, some visible, like in Carsule or in Otricoli, others instead time has concealed underground and are identified only with the aid of special instruments like the geo-radar.

The most fascinating aspect of the Via Flaminia, and of almost all Roman consular roads, is in the stratification revealed by the succession of events, in which traces and symbols of worlds far apart in time and in religious beliefs coexist today in perfect symbiosis.

Today, with the aid of archaeology, and the findings that have surfaced over the centuries and kept in the museums or present in situ, it is possible to retrace the evolution of the Via Flaminia and learn about the history of Rome which is also a piece of our own history.